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  1. Payroll

Comprehensive payroll management services for employees, along with the development of suitable tools for tracking working hours. This includes calculating employee wages on a daily and monthly basis, as well as all related deductions such as absenteeism deduction, late deduction, tax deduction, social security fund deduction, and so on.


  1. Recruitment

We are the recruiters who are a perfect match for the corporate culture, especially when it comes to human resources positions. It is actively managed human resources professional with direct experience and can provide more than 90% customer satisfaction in service.


  1. Job Description and Job Specification

The service defines the duties, responsibilities, and scope of the position. Enabling talented people to work in accordance with the qualifications suitable for the position. It also helps to create efficient work processes, strengthen the screening of talented people, and suitable organizations within a short period of time.  


  1. Job Evaluation

Systematic comparison of workloads within the organization with powerful tools to determine the appropriate wage rate and determine the relative value of tasks to create a fair compensation structure that is equal and consistent for all.


  1. Competency

Service to develop personnel competency in order to create unlimited organizational potential. In terms of knowledge, skills, self-concept, traits, attitude, and motivation, so that they create new opportunities for the organization.


  1. Succession

Services for succession planning and career development It is intended to develop employees' career paths in the organization both directly and diagonally by focusing on retaining talent in the process of working in the organization in a sustainable way.


  1. Develop & Ice Breaking

 Advanced psychology services for organizational staff are provided by specialized experts through the use of methods, programs, tools, and techniques capable of developing competence, potential, knowledge development, and individual character in order to foster a positive attitude toward working with the organization.


  1. Talent management

We develop talent management strategies and best practices to attract, develop, motivate, and retain high-performing employees, focusing on the goal of increased individual efficiency through integrated personnel management.


  1. Performance Evaluation

Designing a performance appraisal program in line with employee obligations increases personal and collective outcomes through self-assessment and team-assessment. Continuously promote employees for research and development of potential and improve the ability of employees on a regular basis.


  1. Salary Structure

Service for determining the value of each position, market salary surveying, and taking into account the company's competitive position to assist employees in understanding the salary range based on workload. With a standard compensation rate; as a result, it attracts quality applicants to work in the organization.


  1. KPI: Key Performance Indicator

Performance indicators, both quantitative and qualitative, support performance and key performance indicators by measuring work performance or success. This demonstrates how effectively the company achieves its primary business objectives.